Creative Series Continues

Hey for the second time today!

My 3rd part in my creative series is up on sound cloud

It is inspired by Psalm 16 by king David. Not the kind of thing i would normally write to be honest but i just went with the flow and this is what came out.

The background vocal is the psalm being read backwards just in case you wonder what the heck it is! (And no i found found no subliminal messaging either)

Enjoy and God Bless,

Jamie Andrew Day


Creative Series

Hey everyone,

I have just started my ‘creative series’ which will last for the next week or so. This will be a collection of short movies, sound clips and stop motion to get my creative juices flowing again after a long time away. A new house and job has inspired this new series and i hope that the excitement of it continues!

You can check them all out on my vimeo site (link above). I hope you enjoy them and it motivates you to do the same.


God Bless,


Jamie Andrew Day